Co-Working Space in Downtown St. Louis

If you are a small business (especially if you’re a one-man-band business) and you haven’t heard of “Co-Working” spaces, then this article is for you.

Are you an entrepreneur that has an office in a spare bedroom or in the basement? Have you out-grown that space? Or perhaps you want to get your business started, but don’t think you can afford an office. If so a co-working space may be your next step.

Some people call co-working spaces business incubators. While that statement could be true at certain facilities, it’s not always a true statement. Business incubators often have you write a business plan and try to kick you out after a few years after your business is successfully off the ground.

With co-working space, you can rent a table, or cubicle or private office. Usually the buildings are in a up-and-coming area and are ultra-hip. Prices start as low as $50 a month and increase depending on if you just need a cubicle, all the way up to your own private office.

Most spaces have a receptionist, copy machines, fax, wifi and you can finally get that business address as well.

St. Louis has several co-working spaces and a few of them are considered some of the best in the country. Here is a short list of a few in the St. Louis area.

The T-Rex Building in downtown. One of the more popular ones. They host a month Start-up Entrepreneur Meet-up once a month.

The Hive 44
The Hive 44 is right off I-44 in Fenton. It’s ranked at the #4 co-working space in the country and packages start at $150.00 a month.

Located on Cherokee Street, Nebula proudly hits the nail on the head, “Unconventional Space for the Unconventionally Employed.

Want to find out more? Here is a great St. Louis Co-working Guide that dives into the deep end of the St. Louis co-working space scene.