Every Penny Counts

I ate at Firehouse Subs today, which is a franchise started by Firemen. When I was a kid, I knew a guy who was a fireman but also owned 4 Subways. I guess firemen got tired of giving Subway their money.

Anyway, when the owner rang me out, he said, “Your total will be $9.17, unless you want to round it up and give the change to the ‘First Responder Fund’.”

Being that I worked in law enforcement for 15 years, I said, “Absolutely, round it up.”

He said, “We’ve raised more than $15,000,000 dollars last year for first responders and their families. It just goes to show you, ‘Every penny counts.'”

It made me realize that when you have 10’s-of-millions of customers, a little spare change goes a long way.

And as Smash Mouth says, “We could all use a little change.”