Weird Business #1

This is the first article in a series that I’m going to write on weird business ideas that are making people money. If you think you have a good business idea, chances are you do. One thing for sure is your idea can’t be any crazier than some of the ones that I’ve been reading about.

For instance, is a nationwide site that encourages people to recycle and buy used moving boxes. The site’s mission is to educate people that recycling boxes only helps landfills a little, whereas if we reuse them we have a more beneficial environmental impact. The site makes money when you order the boxes online and go pick them up at 100’s of participating locations.

Boxcycle started in San Francisco, but is available in most states. Just go to the site and enter your zip code. I did notice they are not available in Honolulu, HI yet, but they were available in the other six or seven states I entered into the box-finder filter.

My point of this short series is to show people that, maybe your business idea isn’t so crazy. Have some faith in yourself, do your homework to get yourself prepared and most importantly of all—START! Like now.