I Wish I Knew What I Wanted To Be When I Grow Up

Are you one of those people who jump from thing to thing? One day you want to be a writer and the next day you want to drive a big rig. Ever buy 5 adult coloring books and never even open one of them?

In Barbara Sher’s classic book Refuse To Choose, she writes about people who can’t seem to pick one thing to focus on work wise. She calls these people scanners.

I could write a book on how many times I’ve jumped from thing to thing. I’m really good at starting stuff, but I’m not great at finishing it. There is a reason why I have 8 or 9 registered domain names. I’ve also had many different websites that have come and gone.

The difference for myself now is I think I’ve picked a theme that can cover my many interests under one website. (Helping other’s pursue entrepreneurship and helping them start non-traditional businesses.)

But if for some reason my topic gets too far off base, you’ll be able to read those type of posts on my personal site at: www.douglasthomaswallace.com .

If you think you’re a scanner and you need some guidance, check out Barbara Sher’s book. Just make sure you don’t buy all her books at once and then not actually read any of them. Just get this one, for now.