Name: Douglas Wallace

But everyone calls me: Doug

You can find me at: dougwallace74 at gmail dot com. Or on Twitter at @dwallace74

My best day ever: The day my daughter was born.

Countries traveled to: 3 (unless you count airports, then 5) USA, Mexico and India. (London, England and Frankfurt, Germany were airports.)

States I grew up in: Missouri (until age 10) and Hawaii (age 10-23)

Scariest moment of my life: Being slammed by a large wave and thinking for a split second that my neck was broken. It ended up just being a busted nose.

Secret Talent: I’m a pretty good ukulele and pool/billiards player.

University Degrees: B.S. Criminology and Criminal Justice- Univ. of MO-St. Louis,                                       MA in Communications-Marketing and MFA in Writing – Lindenwood Univ. (I need a lot of mental stimulation.)

One thing most people don’t know: I used to be a certified hostage negotiator.

Why I started this site?: I wanted to help others create their own job where they could pursue that one idea that they are afraid to tell others about. Sometimes they don’t know what that idea is because they have so many. I can help people with that too.

Qualifications: I am a Profit from Your Passions*™ certified coach. I have also been a Corporate Trainer for 8 years and have help on-board thousands of new hires into new and different careers ranging from law enforcement, to working with specialized computer programs, to a $1.2 billion dollar contract in healthcare.

Where did I come up with the name of this site?: At the beginning, I really didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I wanted to make a career of Helping Others Pursue Entrepreneurship. That’s where I got the name. Then experts told me, “You really need to narrow that down.”



My name is Doug Wallace and I help other’s pursue entrepreneurship.  More specifically, I help people figure out how to pursue careers that are out of “the-job box,” and because of that, they usually have to start their own business even if it’s part-time at the beginning.


How do I get people where they need to be?

First, I work with people to narrow some of their interests so they can get started doing work that matters to them. Most of my clients are what Barbara Sher calls, “Scanners,” in her book Refuse to Choose.

A, “Scanner,” is someone who’s always looking to see what’s out there. They have many interests and don’t necessarily want to settle down and do one thing. They often have so many interests they end up doing nothing.

So what do I really do?

There are two services I provide. The first is I provide brainstorming / listening sessions about your business idea. Whether you have marketing questions, or you just want to bounce some ideas off me, I guarantee that you will get at least one great usable idea off me or the session is free. (Cost – $49.00 for 30 – 45 mins.)

Licensed Profit From Your Passion Business Idea Generator

The second service I provide is an in-depth career coaching session. I am a certified Profit from Your Passions Career Coach™. This program was developed by Valerie Young who has been teaching people how to get, “out of the job-box,” for over 20 years. I trained directly with her over a 16-week period (twice) to help coach people who to follow and even test their dreams out.

Licensed Profit From Your Passion Business Idea Generator

Full Disclosure –There is work involved and YOU have to be the one to do it.

Now that that’s out of the way, if you choose this second service, there will be a couple weeks of homework before our session. Once you’ve completed the homework, we will talk about it over the phone. Most consultations take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. The cost for this coaching session is $149.00.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, I invite you to drop me a line and say hello. My email address is dougwallace74 (at) gmail (dot) com.