Weird Ways People Make Money #3 Potato Parcel

We’ve all had that, “Why didn’t I think of that,” moment. Well this next weird business idea is so far-fetched that I don’t think anyone would have thought that this was a good business to start – but we all would have been wrong.

The Potato Parcel is a company that ships potatoes to your doorsteps. And these aren’t just any potatoes. These potatoes have messages written on the with Sharpie markers. Some of them have pictures attached to them as well. Those are called Potato Pals.

Need a Mother’s Day gift? How about a potato that says, “Love you mom! From your little Spud.”

Or how about, “Happy Birthday Babe! Now cook this up for me.” I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t go over in my house and the website specifically says not to eat the potatoes.

Do you think this business is crazy? Well they sold over $200,000 worth of potatoes their first year and you can watch this video of two Sharks from Shark Tank fight over the idea.

The point of these posts are to show you that no idea is too crazy if you know how to sell and market something. Now get out there and figure out what your Potato Parcel is.

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