Google “Career of Hope”

This is my first blog post on this new site I’m building called The H.O.P.E. in is an acronym for Helping Others Pursue Entrepreneurship.  I’m hoping Google  will be kind enough to notice my site soon and index me so I can start helping others purse entrepreneurship.

I find you often get what you give. So anytime I start a new site, I like to write about Google with the hopes that they notice me. I know there’s not really some eye-in-the-sky at Google saying, “Look at this guy! He put a link on his page about us, so we are going to help him out.”

But I still write about Google just in case. I then do a Google Rain Dance -which if you click on the link, it will take you where you actually submit your site. It’s as easy as that.

Here’s where you can go to sign up for BING!

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